Book Review - Tales from the Kingdoms by Sarah Pinborough

Poison - Sarah Pinborough, Les Edwards Charm - Sarah Pinborough Beauty - Sarah Pinborough

Book Review




Poison contains all the elements of the classic Snow White fairy tale but has a lot of unexpected twists and turns, turning this tale into a dark, sexy and brutal Snow White that is not to be forgotten. The story is told from the evil stepmother’s point of view, it becomes apparent that her actions are motivated by something more than pure evil. She is jealous of Snow, not of her beauty but of her freedom and her carefree attitude.

Snow White is dark and sexy and brutal. There’s a wicked Queen, a handsome prince, a beautiful and spirited princess, a kind hearted huntsman, dwarves and a poisoned apple. The mixture of modern sensibilities blends seamlessly with the timeless fantasy world of castles, kingdoms and magic.

Pinborough drops lots of hints as to various characters back-stories. There are glimpses at a much more complex psychological and emotional development, but the author never reveals more than a snippet. Poison is the first book of a trilogy, Charm and Beauty follow new and old characters revealing more about their pasts and linking together the Pinborough’s fairy tale world.

To be honest I only picked this book up because of its beautiful cover (yes I judge books by their covers) its just so pretty and sparkly :D And then I started reading and before I had even finished the first chapter I had order the rest in the series. I absolutely loved this book and its squeals and have been recommending it to everyone I know.





Charm is the second book in Sarah Pinborough's series of dark, sexy fairy retellings and is the story of Cinderella.

This series quickly became one of my favourites after reading the first book, Poison, and Charm has further deepened my love for them.They're dark, twisted and a little bit naughty - not at all what you'd imagine these fairy tales to be like. They're five-star reads all round.

Charm has everything you know about the Cinderella fairy tale: two ugly stepsisters, a Prince, a fairy godmother and a glass slipper. Charm's pages are filled with delightful characters and wicked imagery that leaves an unsettling feeling in its wake. It's well-written, addictive, sharp, everything I could possibly want from a book




A sleeping princess, woken by a princess kiss, a troubled city under a curse, the start of a great story. The third instalment of Pinborugh's Tale of the Kingdoms series was just as amazing as the others.

This time we see sleeping beauty and how the story began. Set before the event in Poison (the first in the series) we see a young prince and a young huntsman go off on an adventure. We get to see how these two characters that we have come to love began and how they got to where they ended.

I loved this series and am sad to see it end. The links between the three book and multiple fairy tales has created a new and magical realm. I can not express how much I love these book or how much I would recommend them. Just go buy them them!!!


Rating - 5/5