Book Review - The Mad Scientists Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke

The Mad Scientist's Daughter - Cassandra Rose Clarke

Book Review


Love, loss and Robots. When Dr Novak brings home robot Finn as a tutor for his young daughter Cat, he has no idea of the relationship that would blossom between them. As Cat grows she becomes more and more interested in her robot companion; why does he look different from others his type, why does she feel empty when he's not around and how human is he? Cat begins to explore Finn's limits and soon finds out just how human he is.

A beautiful story about the nature of love and the sentience of artificial intelligence. it's a very intimate tale following Cat from her childhood through to adulthood via marriage and grief.

There's never been anyone or anything like Finn. This is Clarke's first novel for adults, it is a stunningly heart wrenching tale of forbidden love and what really makes us human.

I did have a few issues with this book. Firstly was that there were so many ideas, it felt crowded and like nothing was fully explained. secondly some of the intimate scenes were rather uncomfortable. I did have to put the book down and just step away at time because it made me feel quite awkward.

Although at times the book felt slow and over crowded with idea, it still kept me hooked, I needed to find out what happened to these characters.


Rating - 3/5